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2. Space2Evolve: Delivery Strategy

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Have you ever played Ker-Plunk? In this analogy the earths ecosystems are the straws holding up humanities existence (the marbles). Climate change is the equivalent of someone grabbing a handful of straws and hoping some marbles stay in place. Combine this with our current rate of biodiversity loss and there is a good chance there will be no straws left by the end of the century - we need to add some straws back.

Our strategy is to prepare students for the complex challenges ahead by helping them start putting more straws back. We want to help them learn the interconnected complexity of it all on the journey.

Below is an extended goals diagram from our last blog illustrating how we are developing our strategy to support the students in achieving their goals.

We will approach each of these actions one by one and hopefully something will resonate with you and a little voice inside will whisper...we can help with that :)

This is a work in progress and if you have any ideas how to improve please reach out.

Goal: Inspire

Task: Blogs, Interviews


Our team are tired of listening to climate deniers and those with climate change doom on repeat - (just like the baby shark song it doesn't get any better)...

Therefore we will be blogging about the wonders of nature and the incredible people across the globe doing something about it. This years theme is the Wild and Re:wilding.

The Blogs and social media channels are part of the strategy to connect communities across the globe with one of the team having already cycled the length of Patagonia meeting people and connecting with schools and universities to help kick off this with a bit of Global context. We will introduce you to our country ambassadors over the coming months or you can become one and help us extend our global network.

How can you connect your local school to the re:wild challenge?

We have already commenced a project in a UK school and will be helping them create a case study to share with you all via their own blog and social media.

Click on the Butterfly below to join us!

Goal: Skills, Knowledge & Creativity

Task: Project Media


We are excited to say we have already received assistance from the BBC who have recently delivered a TikTok masterclass to students from Argentina, Chile, Kenya and the UK. We have had excellent feedback from the students and will be looking to share these lessons shortly.

We have gained support from some sensational international nature photographer's and film makers to create masterclasses for young people to emulate and eventually succeed. Are you the next David or Davina Attenborough?

Goal: Mini Re:Wild for 2023

Task: Delivery


We are currently collating geolocated knowledge and resources for each school or university (only re:wild native plants).

We have identified a digital mapping tool so that we can measure the cumulative impact of the projects. We hope to make this the worlds biggest student led citizen science project.

We want to create an open platform that anyone any where can contribute towards positive action on behalf of nature...

More Information to coming soon....

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