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1. Space2Evolve: Why Re:wilding? & What is the Space2Evolve programme?

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Our Future?

Don't let me bore you ... Check out the Big History project HERE.

We have been lucky, Humanity has existed in a period of relative planetary calm supported by Earth's ecosystem for quite some time (did I say watch BIG HISTORY?). In short, the author of this rant believes our continued exploitation of earth's resources, without giving it a rejuvenating holiday, limits Humanity's capability to overcome the challenges ahead and adapt, evolve and prosper. In short, we are making a mess of this experiment by destroying our support network!

Just ponder that our species most likely originated from the undersea vents on the left. These bacteria evolved with the support of the ecosystem to allow humans to live in cities in the sky. What's next?

There won't be a next without giving back and rebalancing our ecosystem and the natural world; humanity will not have enough time or space to realise its true potential on this evolutionary ladder.


Rewilding is the process of restoring an area of land to its natural, uncultivated state. It is the large-scale restoration of nature until it can take care of itself – and us – again. It’s about restoring nature’s remarkable web of life, including habitats, natural processes and, where appropriate, missing species. Rewilding encourages a balance between people and the rest of nature so that we thrive together.

Natures Potential

Nature can help reduce the impact of climate change, and the IPCC says that its full potential is untapped. Scientists say that between 30-50% of the Earth’s surface needs to be conserved for nature to be healthy enough to provide this service. "Nature-based solutions can help reduce air and water pollution, provide flood protection, improve habitats for wildlife and restore natural ecosystems.

What is the SPACE2EVOLVE (S2E) programme?

From a UK perspective the impacts of climate change are mild. Keeping this in mind we are trying to create a global consciousness and understanding of the real impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss.

There is no excuse to say: 'I didn't see that coming'

Space2Evolve is an attempt to bring to the forefront of our educational system the need to balance our ecosystem. Our goals are to explore whether we can come together for some joined up thinking and see if we can:

  • Inspire new generations of nature lovers that appreciate how hard nature works on our behalf.

  • Educate that complexity and biodiversity are good things, not something to fear. (we don't always need to understand or see its relevance to protect it)

  • help every school in the world create their mini Re: wild project and link in and support much larger initiatives in their area and across the globe? (educate through doing)

  • help students from across the globe to share their concerns with world leaders attending COP28 and feel a sense of global community!

  • help students identify green passions and future career opportunities

That will do for our 2023 targets :)

Click on the Butterfly to join us

Next Time......

Our next blog will deal with our strategy for delivery, progress so far and hopefully give you the reader some inspiration on how you can help.

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