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3. Space2Evolve: Mini-Re:Wild

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

The questions we hope to answer with this mini-project:

  • Can we inspire new generation of nature lovers?

  • Can we get every school on the planet to dedicate a little area to Re:Wilding?

  • Can we get this initiative to leak into their communities?

  • Can we create a global community of mini Re:wilders?

  • Can we get world leaders to sit up and listen to our future generations?

What is mini re:wilding in schools?

We want you to allocate some of the school grounds and helping it maximise its native natural state. It is easy and will save your school money in the long run!

Click on the ReWIlding Britain logo for a step by step guide and resources to help you on your way.

Or click on the flowers to find many more resources.

It can be as easy as a few pegs and a piece of rope to protect your space from the lawn mower!

What do you need to do?

  • Register your school or community space by clicking on the butterfly

  • Create your re:wild space

  • Mark your space on our map (yet to be shared)

  • Measure and Monitor (HERE are some more tips)

  • Talk about it and get others in your community involved

  • Sign up to the global projects TikTok and Instagram channels (details will be released closer the time)

Schools Save Money!

During my time as a Governor at a UK State School quite a substantial amount of money was spent on maintaining the grounds. Why cut the grass around the edges? We will share our project this coming September 2023.

Evolution of an Eco-Curriculum

This mini project will support the GCSE in Natural History and the innovative National Education Nature Park?

Promote Green Careers

Watch out for interviews with inspirational nature lovers sharing their incredible careers with students from around the world.

More Information to follow soon....

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