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Drapers park - Waltham forest

Clearly I am not often a fan of structured play installations that tell a young mind how to play, which begs the question of why I would include a recreational play park within this piece… However, this playscape project I found fascinating due to its simplicity, there is no instruction manual to indicate how to use the landscaped meanders of humps, it is just there and there to play with. It indicated memories of rolling hills in the countryside right in the center of the capital which inspires multi-generational play. Again due to its placement it is opportunistic, right on the route to a local school it is not a case of a weekend visit when the weather is fair, it is an opportunity to play at least twice a day monday- friday in  school time making it a pinnacle part of the young people’s day.

- Zach Stephens

( Architecture @ University of Reading )

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