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Inspirational  Literature

Writing that inspires in the spaces we evolve - will we see your work here?


Check out Simon Sinek HERE - we HIGHLY recommend!


Our team have an award for asking the stupidest question. This is a badge of honour as you are challenging the norm! 


Ironically the CEO is the undisputed champion of stupidity with no one coming close! 

When education allows students to learn from Nature – rather than simply learning about Nature – they are better placed to engage with issues of sustainability.

Great Resources

Check out Wattpad HERE 

Can you create a hit from your communities story? 

A leading social storytelling platform and home to a community of more than 94 million people who spend over 23 billion minutes a month engaged in original stories, Wattpad has democratized storytelling for a new generation of diverse Gen Z writers and their fans.


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Check out 500 words HERE

Tackling huge topics in 500 words.


What huge topic  do you want to tackle? 


How can your story help your community? 

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