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Community Pi projects

Are you the next tech wizard? Get inspired below to solve your own communities  challenges and direct your own future. 
The next generation of digital makers

By: Philip Colligan

Watch this amazing talk by Philip Colligan about the next generation of digital makers!

Air Quality sensor_edited.jpg
Air Quality Sensor

By: Ganesh Shankar

Solves the provblem of breathing corrupt air.

Flood watcher.jpg
Flood Monitor

By: User - Alu017

Monitors rainfall and predicts floods.


By: Alyssa Dayan and Tom Hartley

Records and uploads information about temperature, humidity, air pressure, light levels, UV levels, arbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and smoke level to the internet.

Solutions that you can build!

Smart CCTV system

Code a camera that will send an email with an image of the object it detects

CCTV camera.jpg

Make an alarm that sends you a text if an alarm is triggered.

Intruder text system.jfif
Text intruder alarm
Heat signature.jpg
Thermal camera

Build a thermal camera that detects body heat.

Weather station.png
Weather station

Build a weather station that collects weather data

Flame detction.jpg
Stove top
Flame notifier

Build a system that detects if a flame is too high and sends you a text

Questions to ask yourself When thinking of project ideas

  • What is something you've always wanted to see done in your neighbourhood?

  • What is a small problem that I experience everyday?

  • Could these problems be solved with Raspberry Pi?

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