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Think Global - Act Local

"Our school motto is ‘Educating Today, Preparing for Tomorrow’ and whilst we are proud to say we are providing a high standard of education today, we are honestly finding it difficult to inspire students, in the face of the current Climate and Biodiversity challenges".

Emma Lambden  - Headteacher, Thirsk School & 6th Form College

The UK, compared to the Rest of the World, is escaping lightly in terms of climate change impacts. This will change.


We are working with schools and education curriculum providers to weave climate, biodiversity and the love of nature into the entire curriculum. We want to INSPIRE a new generation of resilient champions with career prospects in the rapidly growing field of sustainability. 

The Project: Young people from Countries in the North and South, share their hopes, fears and dreams of
a sustainable future
(and learn a hell of a lot on the way)

Each country will be led by its own team of young storytellers. Watch this space!
We are in need of sponsors & mentors so please reach out..

United Kingdom









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