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7. Into the RE:Wild - Patagonia Thank you's & Resources

I will miss loads of people and I am sorry :) so remind me.

Thank you’s - before I set off

I would like to thank for camera donations (reviews to follow). Please buy second life camera kit, save the planet from a little extraction and save yourself some cash.

The donated cameras will enable media students in remote communities to tell their own stories. for contributions towards the website and covering flight carbon footprint.

Rewilding Chile Conservation and Argentina Parque National teams for their guidance and the important work they do supporting schools in the communities that border their projects. for donations of maps of Patagonia to the schools.

My second-life Garmin GPS (1040 solar) melted while charging (nearly burnt down the hostel), so a double thank you to ORSA Health & Safety for the gift of a Garmin GPS watch which allowed me to use my phone (second-life Pixel 6) as a GPS map.

Thanks - On the Journey

All the people I met on the way and those who contributed their time and energy through

Thanks to the Santiago Hikers, who, when my GPS melted, had a detailed map of the spectacular wilderness known as Patagonia National Park.

I met so many young and old adventurers on this trip; please find them on the Space2Evolve (education project) and Randomactofnature Instagram channels (Brandons personal project), where I will be adding more photos over the coming weeks. The Space2Evolve TikTok & Insta channels will

eventually be taken over and flooded with content from our international partner schools.

  • The legendary Cookie Corner in Buenos Aires who acted as my post box and intelligence hub in South America (click on the image)

  • Robert Axle Project worked overtime to get me a new axle after a little accident - more info to come

  • Best hotdogs and roadside recovery in Chile - this will be covered in the mishaps blog. Delicias del Campo

Tour Guides (find them on instagram)

  • Matu (Petrus) - Birding Guide, Guide and Astrophotography Guide - Coyhaquie, Chile

  • Feilipe - Guide and alround fixer - Coyhaquie, Chile

  • Alejandro - Geo Magallanes - Punta Arenas - Scientific Guide, Teacher and all round knowledge base for the region

  • Alojamiento Familiar Rogers - Stayed here great hospitality and a family full of tour guides!

  • The Santiago boys for dragging me out of the wilderness.. Check out the Artisanal Ice cream

Tools for planning the route, I found this app invaluable for planning the route ad hoc.

Ruta del la Patagonia is a superb website with some great resources to plan the highlights your route. I really wish I had started further north in Chile as the northern parks look spectacular.

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