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Our projects have been designed to exploring how to inspire and educate students about the benefits of community, nature and active citizenship.   

Climate change anxiety weighs heavily on today's youth with the daily bombardment of Climate Disasters and world leader inaction. The challenge ahead is much more complex, requiring us to step away from sensationalism and fear and look at redesigning our systems to create global citizens. 

Our mission is to provide
HOPE to young people. INSPIRE them with the actions of others that act on behalf of nature. We want to help these young people develop AGENCY by providing resources demonstrating avenues for ACTION they can explore within their communities. 

We want to help individuals, communities, and organisations focus resources on solving
LOCAL challenges one at a time and place them in a GLOBAL context so we keep track of the challenges ahead.

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A project where young people talk about how they feel about their community and map out a better future. 

A Tale of 2 Communities
One urban -  One rural



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