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Podcasts, MOOC's, Tech Projects etc. 

Check out these podcasts from different people from different places talking about different inspirational natural world things. Make sure you listen at different times to get a different perspective. 


Just click the podcast in no particular order. 

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Inspiration from Keshoe of the Massai.   

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A real pragmatic perspective from veterans of rewiding on how we can rewild in all shapes and forms.

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To understand the world you need to see the world. Get on your Bike. 

Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 14.51.46.png

Is this 11 Year old a new world leader. Arguably more qualified already.

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An Australian perspective with indigenous knowledge weaved within.

rewild europe.jpg

Get familiar with rewilding projects across europe.



The Natural World - The Big Picture

The natural world has overcome many complex challenges over the millenia. Understanding how we, Humans, got here and how we developed as part of the natural world only makes todays challenges easier to understand.  Here are some BIG resources


Earthed is a nature skills platform that exists to make every river, city, farm and balcony burst with life.

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Brought to you by Macquarie University This free Coursera Big History course will blow your mind and help you understand everything from evolution to AI. Click the Images to go to the University or the course. 


Incredible work explaining complex subjects simply! Not sure we agree on following where the money leads but we get the gist. 


Another high quality production from the BBC partnered with Open University and a great companion to the Big History Course.

Screenshot 2023-08-10 at
BBC Young Reporter

Use Scratch to learn about our planet and how to protect the environment for future generations

Use Technology to Protect our Planet

BBC Young Reporter
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Any nature focused resources that have inspired you? Reach out and share with everyone.


Space2Evolve is a program with the intent of educating and bringing communities together through learning, conversation and action. 

A project powered by the team from  7genanalytics

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