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London's Biggest Play Street

Personally I love the idea of play streets and am very encouraged to see them popping up more regularly. This is a form of opportunistic play than can be merged into everyday life and one that is enjoyed multi generational, it meets the requirements of two somewhat opposing clients- the young people that seek to play with whatever is at their disposal and the parent who wishes to appease these needs but must first conduct the ‘dull’ life admin which must be carried out on the highstreet. A monotony splashed with playful inspiration and opportunity. This type of intervention encourages multi-generational inclusive play which is why I love it.

- Zach Stephens

( Architecture @ University of Reading )


The Hive Mind

I enjoy these installations because they are multi-purpose and TEMPORARY, we should not get lost in the belligerent mind set that infrastructure always works when set in concrete. It is playful and experimental which are attributes that reflect upon its use- yes it’s a hunk of scaffold that has been made into a sculptural archway, but to young mind it could be the corridor to another far away universe or the space between the tip of a wave and the sea. The real beauty in this design is that the components can be used for play today and to build a house tomorrow.

- Zach Stephens

( Architecture @ University of Reading )

Hot Air Balloons

What inspires you?

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