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Pritchard Ransom

I come from the planet named after the goddess of love and beauty, Venus. I am 13 human years old with large eyes, no ears, small agile feet and I use my hands to sign and point to communicate. I am quite small and I’m green, which is also my favorite colour!  I’ve always loved to dance from the second I could walk (ballet and hip hop) and I enjoy having fun with my friends!


Mission role: I use friendliness to make first contact with humans.


Felon Tusk

I live on Pluto and use a comet as my transport method. I am 14 human years old. I am very small (only 60cm tall), I only wear long robes (easy for life in zero gravity but on earth I’d probably be tripping up all the time!). I am a very cleaver alien!

Mission role: Safety officer for the mission. Make sure fellow alien avoid danger.


Gif Paso’s

I come from the Pleiades. I am 10 human years old. I need wheels to get around but I recently developed a new transportation device that hovers and I have 4 eyes for 360-degree vision and big arms. Also, I really enjoy being outdoors/ around nature and I love playing “ring drunk”, (basketball in earth language)

Mission role: Learning about the environment humans spend time in.


Your Alien?

Could your Alien join our intergalactic team of Play ambassadors?

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