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1. Adventures of Nipit & SnupeDog

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

About Us

Nipit & Snoop
Torres Del Paine, Chile

We are friends from school where we realised we both had a taste for travel and adventure. Growing up in a working class community in North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom we realised how lucky we were so we thought we would explore areas of the world that are struggling with the impacts of climate change.

Having studied A-Level Media at Thirsk School and 6th Form we thought we would have a gap year before University and meet other young species from across the globe, chat with them about their life, the good and the bad, and their hopes for the future.

Welcome to... Our Travel Blog

Our first adventure was to hitchhike very slowly and uncomfortably I might add with an old British man who was cycling from Bariloche in Argentina through the wilderness of Chilean Patagonia then back across the border to the baron dessert plains of Argentina before finally reaching the mountainous snowy and wet End of the World in Ushuaia Argentina (last human permanent civilisation in South America).

We had a great time and met some incredible people who you will meet through our blog. It wasn't all plain sailing we had to deal with sun burn, sand storms, nearly swept away in a flood, there were forest fires, birds of prey swooping at us and Nipit had a run in with the park rangers in Argentinian Patagonia who don't believe beavers should be allowed to roam free and nibble through the forests! We will elaborate more in the next instalment .

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