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Institute of Inspiration 

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To tackle this challenge we have created the ‘Institute of Inspiration’ to provide a focus and inspire tomorrow's leaders. As part of this action we are filming a conservation and climate action documentary, plus social media channels, for COP28, led by young people from both the UK and Patagonia. 


For context the young people will be discussing their climate anxiety and the conservation action they want to see in their respective communities, whilst exploring ‘nature’s stories’. The aim being to not only raise awareness of climate issues, but to also enthuse the next generation of nature lovers. This international journey is tied together by a middle aged man with prosthetic hips, cycling 2500 km, directed by the young people. His route will be determined by the environmental challenges and success stories they want him to explore.


This page is a work in progress that will be updated as the young people grab hold of their stories and as their cycling guinea pig progresses.

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Below are just some of the headline questions the students have started to investigate in our interactive environmental curriculum on the journey to COP28. 

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Ethical Consumerism

What does it mean to buy green? 

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The Power of Stories
for Change

In poor rural communities  what are they doing to live sustainable with limited resources?

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Inspiring Change

How do we inspire more people to act? 

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Second Life Equipment

Do we always need to buy new?

Wear and repair?

Second Life Technology

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Connecting Young People Globally

Thinking Global Acting Local - Climate change makes us all neighbours 

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Media & Journalist Skills

What skills do we need to make a documentary

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Examples of Stories to Investigate

Q. How do you deal with invasive species? 


Q. What’s causing the desertification? 

Q. What conservation projects are going well?

Q. How can we help in our communities?

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The Environment

What are the challenges mother nature is facing around the globe?  


Sponsor our Guinea Pig with all money going to the Schools Charitable Just Giving Account. 

All donations will support sustainable projects in the Risedale community. 


Bike House Trans BG Small.png Foundation Foundation is a vibrant community of more than 185,000 touring cyclists and hosts who offer free hospitality in nearly every corner of the world. Our mission is to facilitate and promote safe, free reciprocal hospitality for the world-wide touring bicycling community. Our goal is to make a million positive community connections possible. We envision a future where everyone, everywhere, views Foundation as THE community for touring cyclists and those who host them.

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The leading compliance consultancy. We specialise in all matters health, safety, fire and environment.

We support our clients in all matters related to compliance, fire safety, efficiency, culture and anything which can lead to the successful completion and running of their projects.

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Planet Mark

Since our launch in 2013, the Planet Mark team and our members have grown exponentially but our mission has remained the same: to build a sustainable, brighter future for us and our planet.

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Thirsk School

Thirsk School and Sixth Form College is a secondary school located in Sowerby, a village adjoining Thirsk, North Yorkshire, England. 

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MPB is the largest global platform to buy, sell and trade used photo and video kit

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Risedale School

At Risedale we believe in good behaviours that support learning, respect and care for each other regardless of background, belief or personality and we will constantly develop these qualities with our young people so that they can become full, happy and productive citizens of the future.

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Become a part of something great. Our project is constantly evolving, so make sure to fill in the form and stay up-to-date with the movement!

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