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If you read this, you scanned a QR code from some muppet cycling. Please read on; hopefully, you will understand why we are trying to raise awareness for nature.  


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Our Mission

Is to create a global community of young re:wilders who work together to save their future and that of future generations. On this journey, we hope to help them develop new skills and new ways to save the planet ... together. 


Why Rewilding?

Climate change and biodiversity loss are no longer conversations up for debate with the science and reality confirming. The United Nations have identified 'Biodiversity - our strongest natural defence against climate change' 


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Nature can help reduce the impact of climate change, and the IPCC says that its full potential is untapped. Scientists say that between 30-50% of the Earth’s surface needs to be conserved for nature to be healthy enough to provide this service. "Nature-based solutions can help reduce air and water pollution, provide flood protection, improve habitats for wildlife and restore natural ecosystems. 

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Educators Dilemma

In discussions with Educators across the globe about how we get future generations connected back to nature, many admitted that they are struggling with resources and finances to equip future generations adequately.


Rewilding is a project you can grow and let go of with plenty of resources to let young citizen scientists find their path. 

“We must teach our children to smell the earth, to taste the rain, to touch the wind, to see things grow, to hear the sun rise and night fall – to care.” – John Cleal

Being in nature and understanding its complex web of life expands the mind and has mental and physical benefits that ripple through entire lives. 

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Project Synopsis

Every signed-up school will set aside a small part of their campus and let it go wild with the appropriate native flora to attract wildlife. 

This will be annotated on our global map to show the cumulative impact of global collaboration. 

We will set annual citizen science projects to provide context for the students. 

Check out our goals and links resources in greater detail. 

Space2Evolve is a program with the intent of educating and bringing communities together through learning, conversation and action. 

A project powered by the team from  7genanalytics

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